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Got a Song? . . . No Musicians?
No Problem!

As a Singer-Songwriter or Solo Artist, one of the most difficult things is aquiring or maintaining a steady group of musicians to develop a sound. Thats why we make it easy.

We can create the music backing track for your original songs

  • Arrangement: The bridge between finishing a song & starting to record it is making sure the structure. flow, key and progression of the song is the best it can be. This is the first thing we will look at together.
  • Production: Come in with a barebones song and leave with a finely produced track at a competitive cost. Let us help you craft your song and make it great!
  • Pro Session Musicians
    • Guitarist and Multi-instrumentalist, Martin Quinn, has played on hundreds of songsand performed all over the world. Martin is also the resident producer and, if Martin is working on your session, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard & Percussion performances are free of charge! ( no extra cost to the engineering rates!)
    • Andrew Quinn is the best studio drummmer in Ireland today. He is also our resident house drum and percussion musician and provides us with very special low rates to play on your songs!
    • Top pianist, James Quinn, is our in house piano player and can bring something special to any song centered around a piano. The piano is a 6'5" Grand piano.
  • Orchestral Arranging We can score for small or large orchestra or brass sections
  • Orchestra Recording For larger orchestral projects, we closely work with the Irish fixer for the Prague Symhphony Orchestra through MPC Productions. The Prague Orchestra is recorded remotely and files are transferred back to the studio for mixing

Ask Us About Your Track

Below is an an example of how a quick demo can become a finished production...

Sinead McNally - Green Eyed Monster (DEMO VERSION) Sinead McNally - Green Eyed Monster (PRODUCED VERSION)
You can hear the full version of this track Here